A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Web version: https://donutsgachachess.github.io/web-cadre/

Build armies, command units and defend your forest home from the invading Fuzzems with the best warriors that money can buy! Or at least, that was the plan before a rogue squirrel ran off with our war funds. Instead, in Critter Cadre you’ll need to defend your home with the cute forest critters (and squids) you can find around you in this RNG based tactics game. Gain random units each round and take control to drive out enemies before they reach your home to succeed. Whether it’s the dashing Cavadeer, the heroic Turkxedo Mask or the mystical Squizard, the victory and safety of this forest rest in your hands!

How to Play:

Left click: Select unit to move. Click on a highlighted tile to move

Right click: Deselect unit

Escape: Pause game

Each turn enemy Fuzzems will advance towards the bottom of the map. If they reach the end it's game over. During your turn you can control one of your playable units and try to capture the playable enemies by landing on them. If you can capture every enemy Fuzzem before they reach the bottom of the map you win! Tactics and luck will see you through to victory!

Playable Units:

Turxedo Mask: Have no fear, for he is here! Moves one space in any direction. 

Cavadeer: This quick agile unit dances around his enemies with his quick feet and even quicker bladework. Moves 3 spaces diagonally.

Squizard: A legendary wizard from a far away land, or so it claims. Moves in an L shape.

Turkank: Surprisingly fast. With his long snapping neck, the world in front of him is nothing but a snack. Don't ask him to go backwards. Moves in a turtle shape. 

Snek: This slippery fellow likes to move with both the style and speed of a snake on the plains. Moves in a snake-like pattern.

Grizzled Grizzly: A bear in a tank. Oh my god. Rolls out in straight lines over 5 spaces.

Entry for the Yogscast 2020 GameJam #yogscastgamejam2020.

https://twitter.com/Newbhope John Pham - Programming, Product Manager/Producer

Minh Pham - Character and Background Artist,  Programming.

Jon Fink - Mechanical and Gameplay Design.

Noah Seto - Sound Design, Producer.

Brendan Du - Concept Art, Producer.

Source code: https://github.com/DonutsGachaChess/donuts-gacha-chess


CritterCadre.zip 36 MB
mac.app.zip 32 MB


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